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Understanding anxiety disorder

A lot of people suffer from anxiety. In some people, it is easy to diagnose while it may not be so visible in others. Anxiety may be a symptom or a combination of various symptoms. Ideally, it relates to worry. This would mean worry of any kind that keeps on recurring. It would make a person feel confused leading to a problem in concentrating.

Anxiety would make people feel frustrated or depressed. They will feel restless all the time. In addition, anxiety disorder has several physical manifestations too. This can be in the form of nausea, high blood pressure, insomnia, trembling, headache, breathing problems and so on. The physical symptoms of anxiety may even lead to a panic attack.

Need for anxiety therapist

Since anxiety disorder manifests itself in different ways, it becomes imperative to consult an anxiety therapist. This is because people react differently when they are affected by the anxiety disorder. While some become highly talkative, other tend to withdraw into themselves. Even those who appear to be bold and outgoing may actually be affected by this disorder. There are instances when such people may become aggressive or confrontational when they are affected by this kind of anxiety disorder.

Since anxiety disorder reflects itself in many different forms, it is advisable to consult an anxiety therapist in order to take care of this problem.You can read more on anxiety disorder here.

It is important to be patient with a person who is suffering from this disorder. It needs to be understood that they are undergoing a panic attack. Hence it is important to calm them down before they hurt someone else or themselves. 

Causes of anxiety

There can be many reasons behind an anxiety disorder. It can be anxiety related to a particular issue. This can be sickness, job, relationship, money or such other issue. Or else there can be generalized anxiety that is not related to any particular issue. This can be because the person is living in a stressful or an abusive environment. This means that even if the cause of anxiety goes away, the symptoms still remain.

For some, anxiety is a habit. One reason behind anxiety disorder is our lifestyle today. It is fast-paced and there are strict deadlines Besides, social media also adds to the stress. All this also leads to anxiety disorder.

It is not always easy to know the cause of anxiety. This is where an anxiety disorder therapist can help. Once the cause is known, treating the disorder becomes easy and effective too. Several techniques can be used in order to combat this condition. This includes breathing exercises, meditation, assertive communication besides physical exercises.

It needs to be remembered that anxiety disorder can lead to an aggressive behavior. This can lead to the person harming oneself and others. Hence this kind of disorder must be treated at the earliest. Parents suffering from this disorder will pass it on to their children. Hence anxiety disorder must be treated at the earliest. Read the article to know more about the causes of anxiety.

Anxiety disorder treatment

There is a need to go to an anxiety therapist in order to know the cause of the problem and treat it accordingly. Just treating the symptoms will not help here.

The anxiety disorder treatment will include identifying the cause of the problem and looking at the situation in a new way that is non-threatening and less frightening. This will help the person to relax and look at better ways to cope with the situation. In this way, therapy provides new ways in order to deal with anxiety and cope with its symptoms.

It needs to be remembered here that anxiety disorder treatment is customized. it means that there are no general treatments here. This is because each person is different. The cause, as well as the symptoms, are different for each person. Hence the treatment has to differ accordingly. Somebody may be suffering from anxiety attacks while another may be going through obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It must be noted that anxiety disorder treatment does not take very long. A few weeks are enough for the treatment. Typically, 8 to 10 therapy sessions are enough in order to see improvement. These may be done individually or in a group depending on the kind of therapy being given.

There are several anxiety medications that are also given for treating this disorder. This includes antidepressants, beta-blockers, hydroxyzine, buspirone and so on Typically these are given along with the other forms of therapy.

Do note that these anxiety medications are not prescribed in a general manner. These would be given to a person based on his condition as well as the course of therapy. This is because each person is different. The cause as well as symptoms of anxiety differ in each case and so does the therapy.

Exercise always remains an integral part of anxiety treatment. This is because this is the natural way to relieve anxiety. Even half an hour of exercise 3 to 5 times in a week can be really helpful in relieving this condition.

Relaxation is another effective means to relieve anxiety. This can be done through mindful meditation as well as progressive muscle relaxation. It leads to a feeling of emotional well-being and reduces the feeling of anxiety.

Many anxiety therapists are making use of hypnosis. In this case, the person goes into a state of deep relaxation and talks about his fears and their sources. Hypnosis is used by the anxiety therapist to see the situation from different angles and face it accordingly. You can also experience some natural remedies for anxiety.

The anxiety therapist makes use of biofeedback in order to understand the person and his anxiety fears better. This would include learning about conditions such as heart rate, breathing, muscle tension and so on. It helps to understand the response of the person to anxiety. This will help in devising the right anxiety therapy for a person. 

It is advisable to make positive changes in order to combat anxiety. This includes remaining cool and taking things in our stride. It would include being with positive people and having healthy lifestyle habits. This is the best way to handle the anxiety disorder.


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