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If you suffer from unrelenting anxiety, panic attacks, or paralyzing phobias, chances are you may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety may interrupt your work, sleep or disrupt your social life. The good news is there is help available. We’ve listed the top 3 benefits of anxiety counseling.

How Counseling Trumps Medication

Research has shown that therapy is generally the most successful treatment for anxiety. Whereas medication can only treat the symptoms, counseling can dig deep to the root of the actual problem, unearthing solutions to your underlying causes of worries and fears. Since there are different types of anxiety disorders, such as obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, and more, counseling can be specifically tailored to meet your specific needs.

For example, consider an individual who deals with people-pleasing anxiety. A person suffering from this kind of anxiety will often find it difficult to say “no” to others, feeling that he or she might hurt the other person’s feelings. This can cause restlessness, headaches, extreme guilt, and more. With a tailored approach, a therapist can help the individual get to the core of his or her anxiety and find effective ways to deal with these feelings. Medication alone could never achieve this.

The Perks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most commonly used therapy method for anxiety disorders. Cognitive therapy involves looking at how negative thoughts or cognitions influence anxiety. Behavioral therapy then examines how your behavior and reactions in situations contribute to your anxiety.

With the guidance of an experienced therapist, you can find healthy ways to deal with and overcome your anxiety using a cognitive behavioral therapy approach. For instance, take an individual who deals with extreme social anxiety. If the thought of attending a party makes him or her balk, this therapy technique will provide self-reflection, helping him or her to understand, unravel, and erase the anxiety. And when he or she has flare-ups of anxiety in the future, this person will have learned self-soothing techniques to help get rid the anxiety.

Discover Confidence

Dealing with an anxiety disorder can be absolutely crippling. It can be difficult to get through the day, when you can’t shake the feelings of worry and fear. If you deal with anxiety, imagine the freedom you could feel with the solutions anxiety counseling could provide.

Counseling will help you to discover newfound confidence. No longer will you feel the need to routinely wash your hands, check the locks on the door, avoid public functions, experience crushing guilt, or deal with muscle tension and shortness of breath. You’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to live a confident, relaxing, and healthy life.

If you constantly deal with anxiety or worry, get the help you need. Don’t wait. Contact Alpha Psychiatric Associates and see how we can help you feel in control of your life again.

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